Health Insurance

All students are required to carry major medical health insurance throughout their internship  enrollment at the Institute of Health Sciences (IOHS). This requirement is mandated by the individual institution and state that the student is attending for  their internship.

The individual student will be required to provide proof of insurance coverage during the admission process.

This webpage and the following links, provides students of the Institute of Health Science, a simple and fast way to compare and buy short term medical insurance, from one month to 12 months while in school.

The entire process for applying for your health insurance made be done online and your insurance can be activated in 24 hours.

  1. Get a Quote
  2. Compare rates with your other options.
  3. Apply for coverage
  4. Submit coverage to IOHS registrar.

If the student does not elect to take the short term Insurance policy offered through the following providers, evidence of other comparable health insurance coverage must be provided to the school administration prior to starting your clinical rotations. In certain instances, insurance premiums may be included in your tuition payments as a health administration fee. Please contact the financial office to discuss this possibility. 410-891-2514.

At the present time, IOHS has vetted the following insurance company for the IOHS student body. This process is not meant to exclude any insurance company or agent. The student may choose any insurance company or agent that is approved to provide insurance in the state where the student is attending their externship.

* United States Fire Insurance Company Short Term Medical Insurance ( Managed by Merkel Insurance Agency): Get a Quote Triple A Rated.