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Computer System Requirements

There are certain (standard) computer features and programs you will need in order to participate in courses offered by the Institute of Health Sciences. Below you'll find a list of these requirements along with additional tips about helpful plug-ins. Keep in mind, each program will need "space" on your computer and, therefore, has it's own set of system requirements. Please refer to the FAQ page or contact us with questions you may have.

We suggest Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or IE. To download the most recent version of these programs click:

Your browser must be set to accept "cookies".  Click below for directions on enabling cookies in most major internet browsers:

Enabling Cookies

AOL users can connect through the internet and use a separate browser to access our programs. Once you're connected, minimize AOL and open a new browser window by clicking the appropriate program (Internet Explorer) from your desktop or "All Programs" menu (click "Start" and "All "Programs"). Be sure to close both the internet browser AND AOL when you are finished.

Document Readers & Audio/Video Players

Institute of Health Sciences uses other technology that you may or may not already have installed on your computer.  You will most likely come across PDF files that can be opened through Adobe's (free) "Acrobat Reader". Click on the links below to download free copies of the most commonly used programs.

A Note About Firewalls
Company "firewalls" often won't allow you to log in or gain access to another secure server. If you are having problems logging onto our site or accessing our programs check our "FAQ" &/or speak with your company system administrator to find out what is being blocked.

A Note About JavaScript
"JavaScript" is a popular scripting language, widely supported in Web browsers and other Web tools. It adds interactive functions to HTML pages, which are otherwise static.  See below for additional information about how to test &/or enable JavaScript on your computer.

More on JavaScript
To determine if JavaScript is enabled on your computer click:  Test JavaScript.  If you are immediately returned to this page, JavaScript is enabled on your computer. If not, you will see a message.

To enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer:

·  From the "Tools" menu click "Internet Options"
·  From the "Security" tab click "Internet"
·  Click "Default Level" and "OK"

Keep in mind that you may need to restart your computer before changes to preferences take effect. Visit our FAQ page for answers to additional questions you may have.

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